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Jackpotjoy Launches Massive 'Quickity Pick' Giveaway

Leading bingo and online gaming website Jackpotjoy must be feeling generous, because they've just announced that they'll be giving away £250,000 worth of prizes over the next seven weeks.


Bad Weather Bingo

For those of you who love to go to your local bingo hall on a regular basis but hate to leave the house in bad weather, never fear – online bingo is here! You must have heard of the craze which has taken our little country by storm in the last few years, and if you haven't tried it yet perhaps now is the time.


Using Social Networking to Your Bingo Advantage

We're in an era of technology with new developments being introduced every day, it is best to keep up with the times even if that does mean stepping out of our comfort zone. Social networking plays a huge part in everyday life now and not only is it a way for people to communicate but it is an advertising platform for many businesses. In online bingo social networking can be used not only to the bingo sites advantage but to the players as well as it creates a platform for users to communicate with each other.


Jackpot bingo

So you are a big fan of bingo. This means you always want to try new games, especially if the new ones are able to bring you additional benefits. The jackpot bingo is just like any normal bingo game, except for the fact that they come with a jackpot prize. In most cases, in order to hit the big prize, you need to mark all the numbers on your bingo card. Back in the days, bingo used to be played in huge halls and attracted a lot of people.


The advantages of online bingo

Bingo, whether it is played in halls, or at home is pretty much the same. But playing it online offers the great advantage that you can enjoy it from the comfort of your home. Any respected online Bingo site should guarantee that your transactions are always handled in a timely manner and all sensitive information is kept confidential. In order to cut off bad online Bingo halls you should always check the site prior to get involved with the team behind. For that, it is a good idea to check bingo directories, read reviews, look at charts and ask professionals.



Bingo is one of the most popular games played in the world. The game originated in Italy and was the first form of lottery. Now, the game is played by millions of people of all ages. Almost everyone is familiar with the game, and various tournaments and bingo clubs are available for players to join around the world. With the increase in online gaming, bingo has become one of the top online games available. Thousands of online gaming sites offer the game, both for entertainment and for monetary gains. Bingo games are very popular within school systems and churches.


Bingo Links

Bingo is a very fun game played worldwide and online bingo has become very popular as it gives you the chance to play your favourite game and chat with other players while you enjoy all the commodities of your home. There are a very big number of online bingo halls, and new ones are being constantly launched. Luckily there are also a number of websites that provide you with all the necessary information you need to know on the online bingo halls. On these websites you can find links to the most recommended bingo halls; online bingo hall reviews; latest news in the online bingo industry; bingo glossary; bingo tips; bingo history and much more. Most of these websites include a list with top bingo websites in various categories such as welcome bonus, free bingo cash, or number of offered games for example.


Free Bingo Cash

There are many ways to get free bingo money and use it to win real cash. Most bingo websites offer free bingo cash to both new players and to players that are already registered. You can use this free bingo cash to either try out the bingo website or to try out new games and practice new tactics.


Free Casino Cash

With all the online casinos that exist nowadays it is becoming a very hard task to attract new players. This is why online casinos came up with the idea to give away free money for simply signing in at the casino. These promotions are also called no deposit bonuses. New players can use the free casino cash to try out the games and the graphics, without having to make any deposit. They are also a great risk free way to try out a new technique or to learn how to play a new game. Usually this free casino money is a one time only bonus that a player receives by signing in and opening an account. The bonuses are most of the times casino chips whose value equals real money, and the amount varies from casino to casino.


Slots at Online Bingo Halls

There are many online websites that are offering almost exclusively slot machines however you can find this popular game at almost any other gambling website out there. Among best places to find slot machines are online bingo halls. Since the slot machines became a very popular game among players in the bingo halls, these websites will generally include slots in the software package along with bingo. Slot machines can bring you very generous jackpots and they are a perfect game to play in between games of bingo. This is why a bingo hall is not complete if it doesn't feature slot machines.


Bingo Works Review

Bingoworkz was launched in 2001, and soon it established itself as one of the best online bingo halls. It is owned by the reputed World Bingo Network who owns other famous bingo halls such as USA Bingo and Desperate Housewives Bingo. Bingoworkz was among the first websites that used Macromedia Flash version of the software, and players that use a MAC can play on it. The website is powered by the unique proprietary developed software. The design is excellent using vibrant colours and 3D images. The site offers many bingo rooms with different themes in each room as well as many classical casino games.


Desperate Housewives Bingo Review

Desperate Housewives Bingo is one of the best online bingo halls around. It is themed after the famous television series, and just like the series it assures you entertainment around the clock! It is owned by World Bingo Network who also own USA Bingo and Bingoworkz. Being part of such a big bingo network it offers the players huge jackpots, great tournaments, and daily $100,000 guaranteed in payouts.


USA Bingo Review

USA Bingo is the most popular online bingo hall in the United States. The name of the website tells a lot about the theme of the webpage, as everything is in the white, red, and blue and features the classic American symbols such as the Statue of Liberty. World Bingo Network launched the website in 2001 and they were among the first to offer the software in the Flash version that needs no download. This way you can log in form any computer, and start playing much faster than if you had to download and install the software.


Red Bus Bingo Prizes

Redbus Bingo is know for many things but if one was to have to pick out one characteristic as being the great definer of the site it would have to be the exceptionally generous prizes the site offers. Whether it be the jackpots to be won or the many fantastic prizes on offer on the promotions circuit, Red Bus Bingo will never leave you felling anything but warm and fuzzy. Just consider some of these great Red Bus bingo prizes.


Bingo Chat Terms

Communicating with other players while you are playing bingo is part of the fun, as bingo is a very social game. In the online bingo halls this interaction goes through the bingo chat that almost every online bingo hall offers. You can either chat in private or with many people, and the chat moderator monitors that the chat is fun for everyone and that everyone feels welcomed.


Internet Bingo Review

Did you know that you can play online bingo for free and win real prizes? Playing at Internet Bingo online bingo hall allows you to have lots of fun playing your favourite game and win monthly prizes! Another great thing about this website is that it is powered by an excellent software that many real money online bingo halls. This way you do not get inferior quality games, on the contrary all the games have excellent graphics and are very realistic.


Reasons to play online bingo

Bingo may have once been associated with a stigma of old people and dingy old social clubs – but this is no longer true. Indeed, millions of people of all ages, sexes, nationalities and religions play online bingo every day around the world. This number of players is also increasing all the time as more and more people realise they have been missing out on the opportunity to play a great game for far too long.


Are Bingo callers extinct?

A decade ago, the only way to play Bingo was by visiting the local bingo hall or a meeting of bingo fans. There were purpose built bingo clubs in most towns with a team of dedicated staff, led by the bingo ‘caller’. A quick search on any job website now reveals a severe lack of job opportunities for bingo callers, with only a couple of vacancies in the whole country.


Classic Roulette with the Ladies

The UK's leading online bingo room, 888ladies recently underwent a fabulous makeover. Players from far and wide can now come on over and enjoy all the glittering attractions that this exciting online bingo room has to offer. In addition to its richly rewarding bingo games – 75 Ball Bingo, 90 Ball Bingo and 5 Line Bingo- players are privy to a quality selection of casino games too.


Tasty Bingo: Hilo Heroes

Hilo Heroes 2010 is a new slot game, which is looking to attract both sports (especially those of football) fans and the slot machines fans. This football themed game means above all to dare to risk and you will hear the crowd roars on every winning hit. Hilo Heroes 2010 features some attractive graphics of a football game with all the necessary ingredients such as the pitch, the football players and, of course, the referee.


Jackpot bingo

So you are a big fan of bingo. This means you always want to try new games, especially if the new ones are able to bring you additional benefits. The jackpot bingo is just like any normal bingo game, except for the fact that they come with a jackpot prize. In most cases, in order to hit the big prize, you need to mark all the numbers on your bingo card. Back in the days, bingo used to be played in huge halls and attracted a lot of people.


Bingo Tropic Review

Bingo Tropic is an online bingo website owned by the renowned World Bingo Network. They own many other popular bingo halls such as USA Bingo and Desperate Housewives Bingo. Bingo Tropic was awarded The Best Online Bingo Portal 2008 by You can play your favourite game and win money in a relaxing tropical vacation atmosphere. Bingo Tropic will welcome you with $30 no deposit bonus you can use to check out the site and play bingo or other games completely for free. All you have to do is complete the registration process which is a matter of a few minutes. Since the website is available in the flash version that does not need any download you can start playing very quickly and from any computer.

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