Using Social Networking to Your Bingo Advantage

We’re in an era of technology with new developments being introduced every day, it is best to keep up with the times even if that does mean stepping out of our comfort zone. Social networking plays a huge part in everyday life now and not only is it a way for people to communicate but it is an advertising platform for many businesses. In online bingo social networking can be used not only to the bingo sites advantage but to the players as well as it creates a platform for users to communicate with each other.

Many online bingo sites have a Facebook page set up, some are more popular than others and the ones that have flourished are ones that offer exclusive bingo promotions to their Facebook fans, by simply ‘liking’ the page players are welcomed with a whole host of incentives and the ability to interact with other players more freely. Wonder Bingo has a particularly good Facebook application where layers can log on to their social networking page as always but also see what prizes are up for grabs. You will be first in line to hear about any new bingo promotions or special games that are coming up and takes out the hassle of visiting the site itself.

Facebook and Twitter are also a good platform for communication between players, aside from the obvious social aspects of chatting you will be able to get tips on the best games and websites as well as find out the best websites for free no deposit bonuses and free money.

A lot of online bingo bonus sites also offer you free money if you ‘like’ their Facebook page; this is a great way to add up the free cash. This is similar to the refer-a-friend bingo bonus that has always been around but taking things that little bit further.

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