Are Bingo callers extinct?

A decade ago, the only way to play Bingo was by visiting the local bingo hall or a meeting of bingo fans. There were purpose built bingo clubs in most towns with a team of dedicated staff, led by the bingo ‘caller’. A quick search on any job website now reveals a severe lack of job opportunities for bingo callers, with only a couple of vacancies in the whole country.

Callers are known for being showmen (or women), well mannered, polite, loud and clear. They must call each number as it is picked and make sure that everyone, even those at the furthest point in the room could hear well enough to play each game. The sparkly jacket became synonymous with bingo callers, and those who play bingo online must surely miss having the numbers called by a charismatic and friendly leader. Callers led each game, introducing the rules and prizes, offering advice and chatting with regular players.

One advantage that Paddy Power online bingo has is that it is one of the slickest and best presented versions of online bingo, with beautiful graphics and fast paced gameplay making it as much fun as playing in a bingo hall!

One thing missed along with callers is their “bingo lingo”, the slang they used for each number to be called out, “two little ducks – 22” or “number 30 – Dirty Gertie”. Regular players would know all the calls off by heart, and different callers had different favourites. Each caller would have considerable performing skills, knowing how to interact with each audience and how to create a fun and excited atmosphere in a large bingo hall.

The main reason for bingo callers becoming scarcer is the closure of most bingo halls and clubs. Due to the recession many have closed their doors, leaving a large number of staff redundant. The very best callers are able to work on cruise ships and in casinos, but many are now looking at other careers, probably drawing on their years of professional showmanship to help them in other fields.

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