The etiquette of online bingo

Players are to respect the CL's and listen to them all the time. The CL is present in order to host any chat games as well as carry on enjoyable conversations with the members. The CL's are often very nice. However, they do hold the power to kick unruly players out of online bingo chat rooms.

It is important to show respect, which is an important factor of online etiquette.

It is imperative to respect the CL's and the decisions they make. It is also important to remember that each player comes from different parts of the world with different cultures. Online bingo etiquette requires players to avoid using any ethnic, racial or sexual insults. Players are also reminded that abuse language or foul language is prohibited. The players come into these rooms to have fun and breaking the rules is unfair to those who are there to enjoy themselves.

Choosing nicknames in the chat rooms can be fun and creative.

Players should remember not to use any nicknames that others players might consider rude or offensive, which includes sexual, offending, ethnic or racial words or words that use profanity.

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