The crisis would affect Bingo

In recent months, including during the last year, has speculated on whether in times of crisis, the game is benefited by this circumstance or not. According to the latest information gleaned from the National Association of Casinos, and in the words of one of their leading members and owner of a casino, the gambling industry has been lost as a result of this crisis.

That is, casinos, online bingo halls, amusement arcades and slot machines have seen their incomes fall as a result of this brutal international and national crisis that we have endured for far too long.

If already in the second half of 2008 began making his mark this decrease in revenue during 2009’s fall has been around 19% over the previous year.

If the economic situation does not improve in 2010, the outlook for the gaming industry, and bingo in particular are not very positive. And therefore not to all employment generated by this sector, adding casinos, bingo halls, slot machines …. Employing over 15,000 people.

The case of the bingo is particularly striking. The fall in income in the year 2009, which has caused earnings are around 3,000 million euros, puts this subsector in 1990 levels, representing a factor more than alarming. The difference is that at the time operated about 700 screens around the country, compared with 400 at present.

One way to lift the sector is the thrust of online gambling such as poker and bingo online with lower costs for companies engaged in this activity and allow a greater viability of this business. The hardest part will be the family businesses who run bingo and not able to adapt to new times and to tailor their business to new trends. Play bingo en ligne, Casino games and especially poker can get mitigate the crisis in the job recovering crucial in these times.

The Bingo ticket in: bingo rules Under the rules of Bingo, the object is to achieve a certain record in the bingo card marking the numbers called. Each Bingo has a 5×5 grid with 25 squares or “spots.

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