£70 profit in one hour

And how? Deposited £10 through Dream Bingo that’s how. This afternoon, as I haven’t had time to play online up until now, I thought I’d see what was new and so I came across Dream Bingo. Deposit £10 and they would give you £20 on top. Started in one of the less occupied room and straight in with max tickets at 20p per ticket. Started to see the same 3 or 4 names winning in succession, and as always if you see the same names, they’re buying the same amount of tickets (easy to spot here when you see the same few names in the leaderboard as you while you’re maxing out the tickets). CM was incredibly perky, telling the room that she had been doing the job for 6 years and how she hadn’t seen someone win the progressive jackpot as easy as it was won about 20 mins previously to me joining the site.

The winner was still there and still shaking like a leaf for winning nearly £2k (that’s when I love online bingo the most). Small jackpots here to win from £2 a line upwards, but still a nice little return if you win the full house amount. CM kept the mood light with extra little games to win extra bingo bonuses, and I think if you’re only using the site to socialise, then that’s great. If you’re using them to make a little money, then you may not need to worry about going for these.

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